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About Us

Inspiring by Hoian Old Quarter’s timeless cultural heritage and charm, Hoian Central Hotel- the boutique one captures the majestic beauty and unique architecture of this old quarter with yellow walls, tiled roofs and traditional lanterns. Carrying the soul of ancient time, the hotel is renowned for the true historical experience and the feelings of being a real part of Hoian’s rich past. 

Nestled right in the heart of the ancient town and overlooking the poetic streets, Hoian Central Hotel is considered as one of the most charming and prestigious hotels in the area with 20 spacious, furnished rooms together with a variety of high quality services such as outdoor swimming pool, fancy restaurant, breakfast buffet. Plus the professional and enthusiastic staffs, the hotel wishes to bring visitors a score of unforgettable and valuable experiences.

For those who have a desire to enjoy the ancient flavor of Hoi An and the perfect blend of traditional architecture and modern comfort, Hoian Central Hotel is your top priority.






Services & Facitities